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Re: bokken making

Subject: Re: bokken making
by samuraiinc on 2005/1/30 3:21:07

yeah i agree about the bevelling, the one i bought actually has a bevel, looks like they used maybe a 35 degree chamfer bit. as well after routing the edges with the roundover bit i always sand it until it looks much better. make sure you use top speed with the jigsaw otherwise as was afore-mentioned it will burn the wood. when routing try as much as possible to rout with the grain of the wood or it can chip and shred which could ruin the entire thing. dont get flustered if you goof up, otherwise you'll just wreck it even more. if youre using it to practice with it doesnt have to be the most beutiful piece of art ever made. p.s- i too am working in the carpentry industry, but im only a young 18 year old jsut starting out.
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