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Re: bokken making

Subject: Re: bokken making
by dazza on 2005/1/30 10:55:40


samuraiinc wrote:
make sure you use top speed with the jigsaw otherwise as was afore-mentioned it will burn the wood.

don't push too hard, let the tool do the work, go slow and as i said cut to the outside of your pencil mark, if you lose the mark you are guessing. really, a band saw is the tool of choice, but harder to get use of.

when routing try as much as possible to rout with the grain of the wood or it can chip and shred which could ruin the entire thing.

this is normally a case of incorrectly using the tool, you always go against the rotation; ie. the jigsaw cuts up, so you push down. a circular saw pushes back so you push forward. the router spins clockwise, so you move it anticlockwise on the piece. as such the base plate of the tool is pulled to the piece, safe!.this is VERY important, the tool doesn't discrimanate between wood and flesh.

"please be sure to read, understand and follow the instructions that come with your power tool. knowing how to use your power tool well will greatly reduce the chance of injury, and there is no more important safty rule than to wear these{points at eye's] safty glasses."

norm abram, the new yankee workshop.
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