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Everyday items...

Subject: Everyday items...
by shinobi11b on 2005/3/28 7:53:54

I was just wondering on what people could use in their homes as weapons, Shuriken, bo, hanbo, shiken, etc... this is less a thread to inform me, but to inform others out there who may be wondering. For Shiken I have used crochè (I think that is how you spell it) needles, they are long, some of them are sharp, and depending on the target, they tend to work well. I was practicing with them on a cardboard box in my back yard earlier, the only downside, is some of them are pretty light weight. For Shuriken I have used (for practice purposes) hotel door access cards (like a credit card, cept smooth) they fly pretty well and if you know how to throw a Shuriken then you can usually hit your target. I have also used silver dollers, quarters, aol cd's (lol). Our training teaches us to look for items in our environment to use to defend ourselves, so maybe this will open eyes of people who it isn't common practice for.
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