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Re: Everyday items...

Subject: Re: Everyday items...
by sempai_Jen on 2005/4/1 2:10:05

Try a packet of polos; they make a surprisingly good kubotan, and you can eat the evidence!
Keys are nasty, especially Yale types for slashing or punching. A decent size key bunch with a mini-maglite on a lanyard can be wicked, especially for entangling and throwing.
Never be without a decent cotton cleanGent's hanky. It's great as a blinder or distractor, for restraining, choking, garotting and as a mini hojo.
If you want something which will safeley pass airport security, try a traditional bamboo and paper sensu (folding fan). They are very strong, good for deflecting and blinding and very painful to be poked with (folded) or slashed at by. They are also only a few £. Oh, and handy on holiday in hot countries!
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