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Re: Very Real.

Subject: Re: Very Real.
by chrismoon on 2005/7/7 18:22:29


Tatsu wrote:
I don't know much about the swords that Hatsumi-sensei has designed and who he chose to craft them or if anyone is reproducing "knock offs." I find it odd that also on ebay the same seller is selling a "Rare Ninjustu Densho" with the format and language of the Ninja to auction almost identical. See for yourself:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 3992&item=7167609182&rd=1

Perhaps if you could offer a certificate of authenticity.



What objection do you have to the listing? This book is a reproduction of authentic ninjutsu densho. I know because I have the book and I vaguely have communication with the man that compiled it ten years ago, Nakashima Atsumi. It is the same book offered by Buyubooks and Jason Jennings when they have it available which is not often because it is indeed "RARE".

From Buyubooks site:

"Ninjutsu Densho Shoninki

Author: Nakashima Atsumi
Year: 1996
Pages: 408 pages
Photos: None
Note: This item has been marked "hard-to-find". We sell this product on a very limited basis due to its extreme rarity and availability. When we acquire stock for this item we will make it available for purchase"


"The only ninjutsu densho currently in print until recently. Not only is the original text of the Shoninki reproduced, but each section is accompanied by the modern Japanese translation and extensive notes on key words and passages. The Shoninki was written in 1681 by a practitioner of Kishu Ryu Ninjutsu, Fujibayashi Masatake."

So is there a problem?

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