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Re: Katana Inquiry

Subject: Re: Katana Inquiry
by DuncanMitchell on 2007/6/18 15:39:40


petelohstroh wrote:
There are other schools of kobudo that have successfully trained generations of beginners to safely handle hard-wood bokken, naginata, spears, bo, jo, etc. in paired kata that are performed with a combative feeling and maai (Yagyu Shinkage Ryu is a noteable exception).

There is such a wide range of weapons facility even within higher Bujinkan grades that I've been told that it would be homocidally negligent to do this at even a moderately well attended seminar. So, some of us train with the equivalent of blunt scissors (fukuro shinai and padded bo/jo/hanbo).

I agree with most of what you are saying.

When I lived in Japan in the early nineties we pretty much always practiced with wooden weapons, now training is pretty much just with safe padded weapons.


petelohstroh wrote:
Has this development made the development of skill with weapons more difficult or less?

I think it is a two way street here. Surely the responsibility also lies with the international Bujinkan community (us) as a whole. Soke and the other shihan can only look at us training in Japan and set the level and intensity accordingly. Looking around at a normal Sunday at the Hombu and seeing the quality and respect for safety of some is any one surprised at soke not wanting wooden weapons used in there anymore?

So to your statement above I think it is more difficult but unless we all make the effort to lift our own “development of skill with weapons” in our own training at home we shouldn’t expect anything more.

(I know there are many people who are extremely good but with safety I think it always has to be brought down to those of the lowest level.)
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