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Re: Hehehe...15

Subject: Re: Hehehe...15
by DuncanMitchell on 2007/10/22 16:14:03


JamesGarcia wrote:
I thought you were inferring "Randori Geiko'" did not exist of which many state this... With sticks or not does not change it's importance or practice within the Bujinkan.

But even when I lived in Japan I remember Hatsumi-sensei having "Randori Keiko" which was pretty much just everyone standing around someone and attacking with a single attack one at a time.

I don't know how fierce it was in the old days but I do think it's more important to concentrate and practice what we are told to do now rather than basing it on an interpretation of training in the "old days" that we weren't personally involved in.

I'm not saying you are doing this but I think there are many Bujinkan Shidoshi who claim "my dojo is training as they did in the old days" and proceed with some idealised version that they have interpreted from old stories even though they weren't actually there at the time. In my opinion all they are doing is going off down their own road.

I think training should always be based on your own experience and current training - that is why we have to go to Japan every year.
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