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Kyudo within the nine schools

Subject: Kyudo within the nine schools
by Kingyo on 2014/1/12 23:27:26

Hi guys, Here's something I find interesting and I think rarely discussed.

Where in the nine schools can one find kyujutsu techniques? Before the Portuguese introduced firearms to Japan the bow was the long range weapon used by everyone. Arguably it was also the first weapon in the kobudo arsenal to become obsolete with the arrival of firearm technology. And so it went the way of becoming practiced for ones spiritual refinement and less for battle even by samurai during the waring states period much the way kendo, aikido, judo etc. are practiced today, "to refine ones spirit" but not really a means to do battle with.

Sensei shows what I would imagine to be Togakure Ryu bow and arrow stuff (but just briefly) in Ninjutsu History and Tradition on page 148-150 and it even shows a detail from a densho with a ninja firing a bow from atop a running boar.

It could be that the shihan in the photo shooting a bow in ichimonji no kamae is Someya sensei but I'm not sure.

I have explored the world of kyudo here in new york at a place called Toko Kyudojo and find kyudo interesting but I want to know more about this aspect within our nine schools.

I would imagine Kukishinden, Togakure, Shinden Fudo Ryu and some of the others would all have techniques for yumi and ya within their densho. Can anyone here share any input or point out a Japanese shihan with exposure to this?

Thanks everyone! Ganbate!!

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