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Wakizashi Question

Subject: Wakizashi Question
by YoruKage on 2015/6/5 14:19:53

I'm looking to get some more clarification on the pronunciation of Wakizashi. I was teaching class tonight and there was a new student in the class who lived with his family for 15 years in Japan. After class he was asking questions and I said Wakizashi and he said, "no, it's washizaki." I was confused because I have never heard it said that way. I didn't want to make a big deal about it so I moved on, and said, "anyway, a shoto" and he said a shoto was not the same thing as a washizaki (his pronunciation) and that it was only for sepuku. At this point I said he was wrong and regardless to the point anyway of what I was trying to teach him. For those of you who have spent more time in Japan than I have and speak it better, have you every heard it pronounced "washizaki?" I've checked my sword books on nihonto and they all list the name as wakizashi and state a shoto is any short sword, be it kodachi or wakizashi.
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