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Re: Certificate fee's

Subject: Re: Certificate fee's
by COBO9903 on 2014/2/20 9:46:52

Thanks for the replies MrDunsky and Tessen, it's much appreciated.

My teacher wouldn't be aware of the fee's side as I have done the dojo secretary role for him for the last 20+ years and it's been me who has ordered all the certificates/badges/licenses etc all this time.

But sadly I can't seem to locate my folder with all the details and forms in so I was kinda hoping that some kind soul would simply pm the fee for the shodan and nidan certificates as I'm aware that etiquette dicates that fee's not be publicly discussed on forums.

As a Shidoshi myself, is it straight forward to order a new fee's schedule from the Hombu? Is there a particular process to follow or simply email them the request?

Many thanks in anticipation

Michael Colbourne
Bujinkan Bristol Dojo
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