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Re: It's hiring time again...

Subject: Re: It's hiring time again...
by Fenyx66 on 2007/1/23 13:48:33

Knowing Japanese might help you get a job, but there are many companies out there who will hire you even if you don't speak it at all.
As far as the job market is right now... I was hoping some of the other guys who train more would comment, But I live in the middle of nowhere and train usually once a week, sometimes 2 times.
I know that a lot of Board of Educations are using (changing to) private companies like RCS (or is it RCA?) and Interac to find ALT's because having a JET stationed in your town is becoming more expensive. But if you can hold out and get a job on the JET Program, that would be good, some of the JET's that are stationed closer to training, probably get in about 3 or 4 classes a week.
The best time to find a job is around now, because the current school year ends in March and they will need new teachers in April, but you can probably starting look in the summer because sometimes schools need ALT's when things start back up at the End of August after the summer vacation.
Just in case you don't know, there are 3 types of English teaching jobs, ALT, Eikaiwa and regular English teacher. ALT's usually work from 8:30- 4:15 (it varies) and they assist Japanese English teachers in there classes at Public or Private schools. Eikaiwa, which means English conversation, teach in small groups from children to adult age, and usually in cities (although that city could be in the middle of nowhere). The hours at these schools vary, but it's probably the easiest type of job to get. There are tons of Eikaiwa companies, the big ones are Geos, Nova, Aeon and Berlitz. Then if you have the qualifications, you could be teacher in a school. I don't have any experience in Eikaiwa or being a full time teacher, but if you have any questions about being an ALT, you can ask me.
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