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Re: It's hiring time again...

Subject: Re: It's hiring time again...
by Fenyx66 on 2007/1/29 11:05:47

Rob, It was good to meet up with you at training on Saturday, Ota's not so far from me. I'll see you next Saturday.


I'm going to quickly reply to some of your questions here, but I'm currently writing you a more detailed answer which I will try to PM to you tonight. Maybe some of the other guys can post their answer to some of these questions too.

Tessen姫様 has a lot more experience in finding jobs in Japan and things to do with visas than I do, her input is very valuable.


heretoday wrote:
You said you only train once a week or so, so what do you do with the rest of your time?

I hang out with my friends, go to movies, go to the gym, Karaoke. I also like to go and explore around my area, there are lots of shrines and historical places, and I am so close to Tokyo, so I go there often too.

Do you spend time with other non-japanese?

Yes, I sometimes meet up with the other ALT's and my Japanese friends in my area, as well as with the non-japanese and Japanese that train.

What is the travel to training like, and what is the cost?

On Saturday, I either drive or ride my bike to the train station (depending on weather), then I ride 40 minutes by train (costs 500 yen), then I walk about 15 minutes to the gymnasium. On weekdays, when I can go, the train ride is usually around 2 hours and costs about 800 yen.

Anyway, Check your PM box in about 24 hours. I've got the reply sitting on my desktop on my computer at home.

Good luck with your job search. I think these websites are listed somewhere else on this thread, but I'll post them again.
Job sites:

www.ithinkimlost.com is a forum made by some JET participants living in Japan, it's not only for JET's though, but maybe you can find some more info there, or maybe not.

Sometimes companies will help you find a place to live, but some expect you to do that on your own. you can try http://www.sakura-house.com/ or http://www.eg.leopalace21.com/index.html I've never used them before, but from the websites, they seem pretty nice and affordable.
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