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Re: It's hiring time again...

Subject: Re: It's hiring time again...
by Tessen on 2007/1/30 9:53:33

Rob! It was fun meeting up with you and C after training.

Rob wrote:
I also live in Gunma. I only get to train about once or twice a week as well. Tessen where do you live in Gunma.

For the record, I don't live in Gunma Prefecture. I live in northern Chiba Pref, and work in Kanagawa and Tokyo.

Nobody needs to tell me my commute is insane.

Joshua, I recommend you hang on for the JET Program. There is no guarantee you'll be placed in the Golden Triangle of Training - Tokyo, N. Chiba, Saitama - but it is likely that you can be placed in Kanto providing you specify where and why. PM me when you need information. Fenny is a more recent JET than I, and may have insights that I don't.

Also keep in mind that there are dojos in other parts of Japna. I'll let someone else who is more informed give you info about that.
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