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Re: Web Suicide Pacts Surge In Japan

Subject: Re: Web Suicide Pacts Surge In Japan
by Cuthalion on 2006/2/10 19:37:18


Burkhard wrote:
So maybe modern societies are "too fast" for some people, who are skilled enough to see the danger but not strong enough to face it. This point of not-being-strong-enough is maybe the result of experiences which tought the person in question to deal with problems by him/her own, instead of seeking help. Because asking for help seems a sign of weekness to them.

Well as I understood the article is about this suicide tendency among the younger generation, among people in their teens-twenties. That's why I thought that it's a kind of overreacting things. I have also been a teengager, and I have to admit, that yeah, I had suicide thoughts as things seemd to be unsolveable at those times, and I never asked for help from anyone. Still I never went as far as actually doing it because that "red light" always came up at the end, kind of I stopped feeling pitty for myself.

The situation is a bit different in case of adults who really have some experience in life, who really have valuable things to loose. Therefore if they get to the point of seriously considering suicide that might (but not necessarily) have a bit more base in my opinion. Yes, even then it is a question of "not being able to see the way out" or "not being strong enough" to wait until time solves things, but at least there is less chance for that the whole issue is about merely feeling desperate self-pitty.


Burkhard wrote:
So is it possible that they are not "lazy" but tired?

Yes, very possible. Since I grew up I had one occassion when I was in a really miserable situation, when I got to the very very very end of all things, but I was not too tired to ask for help because I knew that throwing my life away for such a reason would have been an insane thing to do. I hope that if I will ever get into such a situation again, I will not be too tired to ask for help.
But there is one thing here: you should ask for help much earlier - not when you are already standing on the top of the skyscraper ready to jump.
Is it a weekness? Well, that's the point where the difference comes out. I have to give it in at this point as nothing can be done about that we're dealing with things differently. Like fighting against the wind. It's something that I can only accept and respect.

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