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Re: Japan Life Guide

Subject: Re: Japan Life Guide
by Tessen on 2008/12/18 11:39:13

Our behaviour outside the dojo is just as important as what we do inside the dojo. The so-called tips listed on the website above are like Derrick said, disgusting.

Japanese life is different from your home country, and it takes time to learn how to do things efficiently and easily here. Japanese people call these tips and tricks 裏ワザ, urawaza, "secret ways of doing things" that save time and money, and are the subject of television variety shows and magazine articles. These are not illegal or rude things. Instead they are simple and efficient solutions to every day dilemmas you encounter here in Japan. For those who don't read or speak Japanese, there Nihon Hacks is an English language homepage with lots of urawaza tips, contests and inspiration on how to live frugally. Also see Lisa Kateyama's book, Urawaza - Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan.
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