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Re: Using the trains just got easier!

Subject: Re: Using the trains just got easier!
by Fenyx66 on 2007/3/15 11:18:03

You're welcome! It's definitely great for groups.
I'll post some more after I get a chance to use the system. As far as busses go, not all the companies will have this at first, but over the next year or so, all the proper equipment should be installed on all the bus lines.

I found this website, which states everything about the system very clearly and has pictures of the machines and ticket gates. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2359_002.html

I made a mistake in my earlier post. Apparently, you can get your money back from the card. When you buy the Suica/Pasmo cards, you have to pay 2000 yen. 500 yen is the deposit for the card and 1500 yen goes onto the card and is usable for you. When you leave Japan, you can return the card and get your deposit back as well as get any money off your card, but this cost 210 yen.

One card per person is needed.

ALSO at the bottom of the website, there is a discount offer for tourists coming to Japan. It's for a Suica card and an express train from Narita to Tokyo. The package is 3500 yen, which is quite a saving. This is only for people who don't have a Japanese Passport.
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