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Re: Anti Foreigner Demonstration in Tokyo Hallowe'en Night

Subject: Re: Anti Foreigner Demonstration in Tokyo Hallowe'en Night
by bujinkanbrisbane on 2009/11/7 8:49:45


kouryuu wrote:
I stand by it as one instance of racial discrimination. I of course do not believe that all Japanese people or the majority of Japanese people think / act this way.

Again, I think you are distorting a situation to push an agenda (a pretty negative one at that). This Yamanote take-over has been going on for more than 20 years now - when I first heard about it there was also eggs and flour bombs thrown. It is viewed by many of the participants as a way of getting back at the locals by harassing them. The participants are foreigners and any protest against it is going to target them. Have we all become so PC? Let's protest with a sign that says "Warning People who Participate in the Yamanote Takeover. This is not a country in which this sort of behaviour is tolerated".

Of course not all Japanese people think / act this way. Some may view it with humour at people letting off stream, most will view it with mild to great annoyance and at least a small fringe obviously feels strongly enough to protest it.


kouryuu wrote:
Just as it is most likely that not all Japanese people are racist, it is also most likely that not all foreigners are rowdy train-drunks,

Yes and many (most) foreigners in Japan don't participate in the event and even back in the early nineties most seemed against this sort of behaviour and the people who perpetrate it. Maybe they are racist too?


kouryuu wrote:
I think the "guest in someone else's home" argument only goes so far. For example, I have been living here for almost 14 years. I pay Japanese tax and health insurance, just like everyone else here. My work comes from and my salary goes into the Japanese economy, just like everyone else here. So - am I a guest or not? Should I have to walk around on eggshells just to try to avoid offending my "hosts"? (and believe me, I did that for a few years longer than I should have) If I'm no longer a guest in Japanese society, how long does one have to be here before they cross that line?

You live by the rules, standards and values of the community you choose to live in. It's your choice to live in Japan and I don't see how length of time or paying taxes changes that.
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