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Re: Bujinkan Dojo in San Jose?

Subject: Re: Bujinkan Dojo in San Jose?
by JamesL on 2004/10/24 7:32:21

Yeah, it's called kyojutsu, you (delted explitive indicating a bowel movement). Or perhaps I should just publish all my material on the Web? I doubt anyone will mind. Hmm...about 400 ryu-ha kata (starring me) in compressed mpeg, all of Soke's (english) books in .pdf, all of Soke's vids except Hidden Weapons "ripped", a 4 Japanese tranlations (Ima Ninja, TrNT, Hiden Togakure and Sojutsu .pdf). And all my notes, henka etc.. I'll just post 'em all on a website, free for all! Won't that be "nice and easy" for the diligent student of budo? Budo before the mass proliferation of the Net was silly! I remember, back then, you had get out from behind the keyboard and go meet people, you had track down dojo, and to do that you had to build relationships with your "buyu". What a waste of time. POOP, I think I'll just download a Godan, you can do that at Ninjutsu.com, right?
It's a shame that (deleted explitive) kowtow'ers like you exist, "Jim McDonald", (IMHO)

Wow, now that was a post! You must be very proud of yourself, and your interaction with your fellow budoka(s).

I won't waste time arguing with someone as tempermental as yourself as you obviously enjoy being beligerent, but I find it amazing that you compare someone asking for help finding a dojo to the list of information you posted above. It is really quite simple, if you chose not to help someone with this basic request then do not help them. How about the old motto "if you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all?" Not only did you chose not to help this person, but you actually expended effort to type posts that did nothing more than belittle the person. It is interesting that this makes you feel better about yourself.

I will not even stoop to the debate of my background, which you choose to attack without knowing a thing about me (something a true budoka would never do), as I am a long term, dilligent student of budo, who succeeds in making life safer and better for those in my community on a regular basis. I do this through my training, through my work, and through my volunteer work.

Please, let us let this thread die. Kutaki.org is a quality forum, and the fewer non-helpful, childish, expletive filled posts it has the better. I think we could all benefit from remembering that we represent Soke when we discuss his arts, and your posts are so disrespectful that to continue this thread is only to disrespect the Bujinkan at a whole.

This will be my last post in this thread. Continue to embarass yourself if you chose.

Again, to the original poster, good luck in your training.

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