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Re: Bujinkan Dojo in San Jose?

Subject: Re: Bujinkan Dojo in San Jose?
by Ed_Gilbert on 2004/10/27 11:45:34


Kintiiwa wrote:

Yeah, it's called kyojutsu, you (delted explitive indicating a bowel movement).

This sort of behaviour is inappropriate in any social context (behind a keyboard or otherwise). I comment because you're affecting others by your actions.


Or perhaps I should just publish all my material on the Web? I doubt anyone will mind. Hmm...about 400 ryu-ha kata (starring me) in compressed mpeg,

It's not for me to comment on publishing your own material on the internet (all 400 of them, starring yourself...), though I suppose your argument is appropriateness (?)


all of Soke's (english) books in .pdf, all of Soke's vids except Hidden Weapons "ripped", a 4 Japanese tranlations (Ima Ninja, TrNT, Hiden Togakure and Sojutsu .pdf).

I've never heard of soke's books being published electronically - so assuming you've performed this transfer of material to another format yourself (like the 'ripped' videos), this a violation of copyright. I can understand people wanting their own backup copies of valuable material, but again I think there is an issue of appropriateness. The question of whether this is necessary (giving that you are breaking the law and violating other people's rights in doing so) must be asked.


And all my notes, henka etc.. I'll just post 'em all on a website, free for all! Won't that be "nice and easy" for the diligent student of budo? Budo before the mass proliferation of the Net was silly! I remember, back then, you had get out from behind the keyboard and go meet people, you had track down dojo, and to do that you had to build relationships with your "buyu". What a waste of time. POOP, I think I'll just download a Godan, you can do that at Ninjutsu.com, right?
It's a shame that (deleted explitive) kowtow'ers like you exist, "Jim McDonald", (IMHO)

I don't think the nobility of suffering is all that important myself, the easier way and the smarter way of doing things are not totally exclusive imo.

I believe that the way you have so proudly listed all of the material you own, as well as the conversion of these materials to another format (that's assuming you own the original copies) are classic signs of a 'collector' syndrome.
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