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Re: Dojo in Queens, New York

Subject: Re: Dojo in Queens, New York
by Papa-san on 2005/2/23 23:58:19

Hi Rich,
You've been given good advice about seeking the quality of training as opposed to the "convenience". I've known Jeff for some time and you will get quality instruction from him. If your schedule (and life situation) is such that you don't have the freedom to make any choice you want, think about doing it once a week over a weekend or attending seminars in the area. There just was one with Arnaud and in April will be another with Peter King. I have people who travel nine hours from North Carolina to train with me, and they do that whenever they can. When I was starting my training we had to bring instructors in from Florida and Georgia, or travel to Japan to train. You, my young gent, are VERY fortunate to have someone skilled so close to you. Remember you are the one that gets the result of your choices. Hope you make some good ones.
Ed Martin aka Papa-san
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