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Re: Anyone teaching in Victoria B.C.

Subject: Re: Anyone teaching in Victoria B.C.
by kouryuu on 2005/12/15 16:11:48

Will those be Bujinkan classes, or just "Ninjitsu" classes?

My first impression from looking at your Akijujitsu site combine with the fact that you don't spell Ninjutsu correctly is that what you are talking about is not bona fide Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, but something else (which doesn't belong on this site, if that is the case).

Sorry if I'm jumping to conclusions here - just going on what info you're presenting.

People should take care that they are getting authentic instruction from a certified Bujinkan instructor who can authenticate that with a current Shidoshikai membership card issued by Honbu dojo.

Caveat emptor,

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