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Re: Anyone teaching in Victoria B.C.

Subject: Re: Anyone teaching in Victoria B.C.
by Aikijj on 2005/12/15 18:49:54


Ironically, after you wrote that I spelt 'ninjitsu' wrong you ended up spelling aikijujitsu incorrectly (Akijujitsu). Funny how that works eh?

You should have noted that I am a Jujitsu instructor providing class times for ninpo/ninjitsu/ninjutsu. My site is NOT a ninjitsu one.

I was just trying to convey some information for the members of this forum but (again) someone jumped to a conclusion (the last thread where this occurred was thankfully deleted).

I apologize for not spelling ninjitsu (ninjutsu) in a way you are accustomed. In my experience, there are many ways to spell jitsu (as can be seen by posts even on this site). Semantics really in the translation. I get that all the time with jujitsu (jiu jitsu...jujutsu)...It is a great leap to draw some of the conclusions you came to by the mere spelling of a word.

FYI: Both instructors are bujinkan trained and current members through the bujinkan hombu. What and how they teach is up to them.

There seems to be a lot of bad budo in regards to ninjitsu so I can understand your trepidation. But I was just making a simple post which seemed to have been turned on its ear yet again?!?

Yours in Aiki

Ari Bolden
Victoria Jujitsu Academy
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