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Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?

Subject: Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?
by Yamazu on 2005/5/24 21:57:19


I have not had the opportunity to train with Mr. Kastiel since 1992, the last time he was the guest teacher for a seminar here in Finland. He also organized the 1992 Taikai in Luxenbourg.

Trained with Hatsumi-sôke more than five years... In Japan? Or..? I know he passed his Godan test in Stockholm 1988 (and taught in seminars here in Finland yearly after that up to 1992).

On a more general note concerning "belonging to the Bujinkan"... All teachers should have a valid Shidôshi-kai membership, like all trainees should have a valid Honbu membership. Also, all grades should be "Honbu issued". If these are in order...
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