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Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?

Subject: Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?
by me,Wilf on 2005/5/25 1:49:29

Hello truth?,

here`s the Link to the engl. version of his internet presentation
(Unluckily some pages are not available at the moment):


He offers an internet study course which is (and should be as I think)
only meant to take in addition to one`s regular training
but not to be taken instead of it although possible
(graduations aren`t given just via Mail or so).

As in Germany the question was asked very often, too:
At least at the beginning of 2005 one could see there an article
by him on the Website, there he presented his actual membership card
to stop all discussions and arguments about him being in the Bujinkan or not.

This is all I can say and am willing to say about it right now.

As far as I know Moshe doesn`t like to be talked about at his back by others

but will eventually answer questions openly that are directed straight towards him.
Maybe it`s the best to just push the contact-button at his website.

I`m no student of his but in the early to middle nineties
I trained regular with him,for several years he even lived here in Berlin.
The question you asked (at least in my opinion and my experiences in Germany)
can cause trouble between members of the Bujinkan-no matter what the answer is.
I do understand that you just want to get to know but there are a few questions
which are absolutely not meant to be discussed in the public for certain reasons.

Greetings from Berlin,Germany,Europe

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