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Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?

Subject: Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?
by truth? on 2005/5/25 20:09:17

First of all
THANK YOU ALL for you'r answers .

Now to Wilf I asked thows questions after i have seein his site ..unfortunatly in recent years a lot of peopal sead that thay have traind in japan with Sensai or have shidoshi kai membership cards ect . and a lot of them have impresive sites , the only way for me to knew what is true is to ask thows qustions ..I'm shure Mr.Kastiel will understand some one looking for an hunest teacher
I do not understand why this qustion is "..absolutely not meant to be discussed in the public... " if ther is a problem with Mr.Kastiel and Bujinkan I would like to knew this befor i go to train with him .
If you would like to answer but not here feel free to msg me privetly
sincerely yours
Nili Berl

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