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Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?

Subject: Re: Moshe Kastiel is he of Bujinkan ?
by me,Wilf on 2005/5/26 0:39:32

@ truth?:

Ohashi Shihan wrote:Quote:
As for his membership, please ask him directly.

You wrote later:Quote:
I do not understand why this qustion is "..absolutely not meant to be discussed in the public... "

Maybe I`m totally misinterpreting his sentence (just let me know then,please),
but as I see it, Ohashi Shihan gave a somehow similar advice:
It`s always better to ask a person directly than third persons instead
-at least and especially if it`s a question concerning people themselves.

As you furthermore didn`t adress to a certain person directly
(if knowing that this one will be trustworthy in general),
everyone was "invited" to post whatever in his/her opinion is right.
Every answer concerning a question about "how good or bad" someone is
(as for example claiming to be in the Bujinkan while being not would be bad)
can have a negative or positive effect on that someone´s reputation

- no matter how substantiated such an answer is.

Unluckily in this case that`s exactly what happened at the german forums.
Most people got to "know" something (good & bad) about Moshe Kastiel
by just listening to somebody who knew someone else who again had heard
something by another person that had been told that Moshe... .

Me myself, I would never say that I know that much about Moshe
although I met him very often in the early to middle nineties.
A close friend of mine who comes at least 5-6 times a year to Berlin is still
in Moshe`s Dojo (therefore i do still get some trustworthy informations).
Even though I would never claim that my information is necessarily true
-as again even in my case it`s just hearsay (and a look at newer videos).

That`s why I think that some things are not meant to be carelessly thrown
into the public forums or other public places.

Greetings from Berlin,


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