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Santa Rosa Bujinkan Dojo

Subject: Santa Rosa Bujinkan Dojo
by Straven on 2010/3/11 14:14:05

Evening Villagers,

My names Jeff, I just recently joined Kutaki and hope to get to know all of you better in time.

So I have been wanting to train in Bujinkan for some time now and I stumbled across the Santa Rosa Bujinkan Dojo (my hometown)
but i cant seem to find the address or a number to contact them and schedule a sit in.

If anyone has more information on this particular dojo or on how I can join a bujinkan dojo..
please let me know.. I would really appreciate it.

I guess worst case scenario I am already learning Japanese, so if I have to wait and train with Hatsumi Soke.. so be it.

Thanks for your help,
Good luck, and happy training.

- J
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