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Re: Dojo in Iowa City, Iowa?

Subject: Re: Dojo in Iowa City, Iowa?
by Hayseed on 2010/3/30 4:59:17

Hey Mike,

That's exactly where I just moved from last year. Unfortunately, there aren't any dojos in Iowa, much less BJK people in Iowa City/Coralville. When I was there, I would drive over to Omaha(about 8 hrs round trip), once a month or so. Here's the website....


...and their blog.


James is a great guy. On weekends that I drove up, he would hold like a mini-seminar, basically a four hour class. Also, I think I remember him saying that he has a long distance student in Des Moines so you have a possible training partner. James trains regularly in Japan with Soke and came up under Chris Carbonaro who also from what I understand gets out to Hombu two or three times a year or more.

Though if you don't mind traveling a little further, in Vermillion, SD you've got Shidoshi Ron Bergman who was my first introduction to BJK. Excellent guy, he's been around for a while. It's a shame that I wasn't more dedicated when I had contact with him because there's really only a few people I've trained with so far that move as well. If you can make it out that far, it's worth the trip. I'd leave a link to his site, but I don't think it's been up and running for a while now, though I'm pretty sure he's still at it.

There was a dojo just across the NW border of Iowa to Wisconsin, after checking into them I learned that they were associated with Jeff Prather's Warriorschool, which isn't really my cup of tea but feel free to check it out. Sorry I don't have a link for that one.

Good hunting!

P.S. Where was your buddy two years ago!?? :)
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