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Re: Offended or find the issue silly - also why not to reveal details.

Subject: Re: Offended or find the issue silly - also why not to reveal details.
by Clovis on 2005/8/13 13:39:48


Sorry that was "hundreds of years ago" in feudal Japan. A completely different cultural paradigm from the one some of us live in.

Perhaps you missed my point. You call it training to survive. I call it training to fight. Call it whatever makes you sleep better at night. Its the same thing.

However; in my opinion the type of training that we engage in goes beyond simple survival. If all you want to do is survive go take a Krav Maga class-I hear you can master it fairly quickly and then you can free up all that time you've been using to train.

I realize that was “hundreds of years ago” but your pretty naïve if you believe we’ve progressed any beyond that point. The only difference is that its no longer an organized military we’re going to be fighting against. At least in past battles it was understood you were at war and you generally knew who your enemy was. Now you never know who is going to start a conflict. It could be anytime for no reason at all. In my opinion things are worse today than back then. We have progressed in one area though, technology has made it easier for those that will cause trouble. No amount of training , no combination of techniques can protect you from one untrained 15 or 16 year old kid with a gun. So show me how we’ve progressed to a new cultural paradigm.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to fight. Not in real world circumstances and not in competition. I’ve got nothing to prove in that way. I do; however, disagree with the training philosophy of “we train in martial arts so we don’t have to fight” I see it as the motto of instructors who know their techniques are useless everywhere except in the dojo. If we truly believe our art to be effective then our training philosophy should be “I won’t go looking for a fight, but I’ll be prepared when one finds me.”

I see you were in the service. Tell me, when you were in basic training did your drill instructors ever tell you that they were teaching you to shoot –but if a gunfight ever broke out in battle just try to avoid it.

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