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Re: Just a little worried

Subject: Re: Just a little worried
by YamaMizu on 2005/9/5 7:43:24

I can't speak for the personality of "thugs" in Europe or the U.K. but in America their pretty much the same all over. Being an old New York boy and raised in it, I would venture to say that the following things might be something to consider but don't take it as advise, just thoughts to ponder:
1. Thugs are the way they are and travel in groups because alone they are scared.
2. Fear is picked up on by these type of people and it is the fearful that they prey on.
3. Acting like you don't care with a smattering of "mess with me and I'll cave your face in", (just a smattering of that attitude - too much will come across like your the same badass they think they are which is a challenge), when your walking by might be helpful.
4. If it comes to it and you have to defend yourself start with verbal defense to try to diffuse it. If that doesn't work do your best to pick out the leader of the group. Drop them like a sack of potatoes and the rest of the group rarely follows because they follow him cause he's the badass. Drop the leader and your the king of the hill now.
(must be quick and without mercy by the way. Fair fighting gets absolutely no respect in gang stuff)
5. Remember to accuse one of them of you knowing them as a cop. This works great to cause dissention in the ranks.
(something like "If I were you guys I'd be spending more time checking out your buddy here - I remember him in uniform. He's a cop!") This works especially well with the meth - crack - hyper paranoid types.
6. Walk with a rubber tipped cane as an equalizer, (Papasan should like this one ) or a large mouthed plastic soda bottle for metsubishi to buy time. (water or soda is fine - don't do something illegal - really)
7. Don't travel in sneakers. Wear good lightweight boots. Life sucks to be you if your feet are in a crappy position to run or be used as self defense options.

Anyone else want to chime in on this one?
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