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Re: Just a little worried

Subject: Re: Just a little worried
by dazza on 2005/9/5 18:34:18

chances are if they were going to do anything they would have done it. what happens now is more or less up to you.
bullies very rarely 'bully' straight away, normally it's a build up over several meetings, edging closer to their goal as their confidence builds. what you have to do is nip it in the bud straight away, as soon as they start get in their with a " not you [guys] again, why don't you [go away] and bother someone else". the trick is in the delevery, not to agro or loose your cool, but not to jokey either and keep eye contact all the time. you may get away with that or you may have to trade insults a bit before it is diffused.

but it might get violent(unlikely) so be ready to drop the biggest or nearest as quickly and violently as you can,like it or not. but don't try to be their 'mate' or be too nice, they will only see it as a weakness.

you could ofcourse travel a different route, but what if their are even more of these types there too. people are people everywhere, best learn to deal with it. but if you have travelled that route many times before, and never seen them, chances are you won't again.

good luck,

p.s you don't have to be brave, just be good at pretending to be.
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