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Re: Just a little worried

Subject: Re: Just a little worried
by Unsubscribed on 2005/9/10 0:54:07

What gives you the impression that the information is aimed at fourteen year olds? If you join MacYoung's newsletter you'll find a number of posts from military professionals and security personnel. I think both websites are very accessible, which is important when discussing self-protection.

Your point about standing up for yourself is a valid one, but I think there's a difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. Verbal de-escalation is also an important communication skill that makes life a lot easier when dealing with people that may mean you harm. I don't advocate playing the victim, but avoidance is a key ingredient in the best self-protection recipes.

Drawing a line in the sand is a very masculine approach to life, but I'm not sure how intelligent it is, especially if the person(s) you're dealing with is all to willing to cross it. If this kind of approach to life works for you, then I wish you luck on your journey, but I'd resist calling it a form of self-protection.

Keeping your cool, as you say, is very difficult because of the survival stress reaction. It's an automatic response and it can't be controlled with conscious thought, though there are ways of minimizing its effects. The Anatomy of Fear and Psychological Effects of Combat are both excellent resources for understanding how the body reacts to fear.
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