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SKH Eulogy

Subject: SKH Eulogy
by Rafael on 2006/5/23 13:50:45

An American shihan recently posted in another forum that he tried to help by explaining Soke's feelings to Steve 17 years ago!!!

Why is this important?

Wrong or right, Soke set Steve up to take a fall bringing down the Shadows of Iga over 17 years ago.

Do you think Steve ever really recovered from this?

I don't and you really don't see Steve following Soke closely following the fall.

Steve announced to the world he was making a trip to Japan while ignoring everything and everybody knowing the sharks swimming around Soke would be waiting.

It was a one way trip death by cop suicide and very public which they usually tend to be.

And the mob gathering around his corpse to butcher and string it up.


Whether you like it or not Steve brought the training out into the open for everybody.

Do you need to like what he did following the fall of the Shadows of Iga?

No. He made a choice.

Perhaps pity is more appropriate.

Thank you Steve for everything.

Sorry things didn't work out.
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