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Re: End of an Era - SKH

Subject: Re: End of an Era - SKH
by bujingodai on 2006/5/26 1:49:22

Interesting topic, of which the descision is not mine so I can't comment on it.

Hayes brought the style to the USA, deserves credit for it. He runs a tight organization and has more talent than many of us could ever attain.
The fact that there are kyu's on other boards bashing him is both a breech of etiquette and stupid. The fact that I read here he was only a Judan. When he was in was there not only 10 dans? Maybe I am wrong there, but the term he is only a Judan, thats sort of sad.

Also "Some things can not be purchased by money, IMHO" I have heard the same when it came to Hatsumi Sensei being the inheritor to Takamatsu. And a hospital wing.
Not saying that is what I believe but the same is said for many people.

This post is playing devils advocate and I am no one. But I have an opinion about it.
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