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Martial Law on Soapbox

Subject: Martial Law on Soapbox
by Darren on 2007/3/9 1:37:08


Lately, the Soapbox has been a dumping ground for things which lack any sort of budo nutritional value - both in terms of being constructive and being professional.

This will cease as long as I am the Mod of this part of Kutaki.

Obvious slanderous attempts to create flame wars will no longer be tolerated. Violations of this will result in the following:

1. Small transgressions will get (1) one warning, after which the thread may be locked, deleted or just the individual post(s) may be deleted - depending on the overall value of the thread. But, I will not play surgeon and may just delete or lock the whole thing.

2. Larger offenses will cause the thread to be instantly deleted without comment.

3. If any value exists in a thread, but it is dangerously likely to cause problems, I may just lock it. But, only rare situations would fall into this catagory.

To be frank, I really believe there are many other forums out there who tolerate these things. Kutaki does not have to be like the others, since many of these kinds of posts and people are also on the other forums. You can go to their sites if such things interest you.

Thank you for your understanding and support. If you do not agree with any deletions or closures I make, you are welcome to PM me to prove your case. My decisions are not personal, so please do not take offense.

Happy training!
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