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Re: Your "Most Memorable Weirdo"?

Subject: Re: Your "Most Memorable Weirdo"?
by shizuka on 2007/5/30 3:09:46

We had a guy like that down once, where he could twist his wrist or elbow to the extreme.

I assume this was a problem with his joints not being right, or ligaments over stretched or weak. Not a normal condition anyways. Though he seemed in no pain or discomfort.

While training he managed to dislocate his own kneecap, simply by turning without moving his foot, this required hospital treatment.

Wierd alright, but agree would treat anyone you meet like this who has over-extension or joint instablity with care and caution.


by MikeT on 2007/5/29 14:57:34

There was one person at my old dojo that felt absolutely no pain and was flexible as warm rubber.

You could twist his wrist 270 degrees and he wouldn't feel it.
You could put arm bars so his elbow was pushing out the wrong way.

We were scared to work with him out of a fear that we would break his bones.

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