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Re: Slow-mo thing

Subject: Re: Slow-mo thing
by shunketsu on 2007/6/7 16:31:08


antizen wrote:
I've experienced it more than once, and in life-threatening situations. It's a good thing in the sense that you transcend fear, and pain, but absolutely a terrible phenomenon is that it is physiologically crippling and greatly limited what I could actually *do* to a great extent.

Now I don't feel THAT bad, to know that a shidoshi will experience the same problems as me, and if I keep training there's hope...


It always seemed to me that those who are inexperienced and untrained (the consumers of Paladin Press books and such) are concerned that they will not enter into this state and gravitate towards instructional materials that promise to teach how to "unleash the inner beast".

I wonder if any of those people with the inner beast unleashed would ever appear on the "most memorable wierdo" topic?


For we who train in a school which concerns itself very much with staying connected with "real life", I think the goal is the opposite - having the training and understanding to avoid going into sympathetic nervous system overload.

It's kinda presented as an inevitable side of combat. Don't know if the others on this forum agree. I'm looking into this topic myself, and as a Bujinkan guy of course I want to know what experiences we in the Bujinkan have in this, and how we interpret it.


While I'm an experienced medic, I credit this to my Bujinkan training. The final note of this is that if you don't have adrenaline on board in a fight, then you better have the taijutsu to deal with someone who does.

And what would that encompass? Kuzushi? Ukemi? Kyojitsu? It'll be all the stuff that we are already supposed to be working on, right?

Personally, I suspect that at the end, my conclusion will be to just keep doing what my shidoshi teaches, but until I actually investigate the adrenal dump topic myself I'll always have questions on the back of my mind.

Just in case anyone is wondering, my shidoshi did have lessons in which he got us to do taijutsu as if we had adrenal dump. He didn't call it that, of course, but doing my reading later on I realized that's what he was addressing.

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