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Re: the essence of something

Subject: Re: the essence of something
by DuncanMitchell on 2007/11/1 12:15:32


noname wrote:
what constitutes painting? perhaps simply a brush used to apply a prepared liquid to a surface.

what constitutes charcoal drawing? perhaps a piece of charcoal used on as surface.

what constitutes drawing in general? perhaps an instrument used on a surface.

so I pose the question, what constitutes Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu?

I think a successful outcome in either painting, charcoal drawing, pen / pencil drawing etc involves a blend of a small degree of technical competence, an intuitive understanding of composition and spatial relationships and the ability to put down on paper only that which is necessary (knowing what to omit).

A brilliant artist has the confidence to make a large brush stroke across the surface in a bold move. Such a person can squiggle just three or four lines on a page to create a form. He knows how to deceive the viewers mind into seeing a form in the space where there is nothing.
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