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Re: the essence of something

Subject: Re: the essence of something
by Philip on 2007/11/6 10:22:31


Next is the far left. These guys are known by some a the hippie-kan. They place less importance on waza and almost never do a kata but go deeply into concepts of the feeling and essence. Very open to outside influences and allow people to find their own directions. Training will revolve less around specific skills but trying to find things for yourself based on concepts..
We call them bliss-ninnies


Centre Left. Where I would say Hatsumi-sensei and most of the shihan I train with sit. Stress the importance of good basics but are more conceptual in their outlook than having an adherence to strict form or kata. Kata are more often viewed as a launching pad for henka and a study of taijutsu.

The problem is that a lot of people think they have good basics, or never revisit them. They then move away from them and lose their ability to move in way that good basics will allow you to. I'm obviously not talking about Sensei and perhaps the folks you train with are well enough to do this, but I have heard "henka" from a lot of folks who think they have basics. I hope I'm centre right.
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