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Re: the essence of something

Subject: Re: the essence of something
by Papa-san on 2007/11/6 11:48:38

"Point taken. If it was only a dislike of ed at a personal level - this would matter. I have a fundamental disagreement with his ideas. Unless you can tie Sensei's high regard to Eds statements on this board, I don't really care. AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE ELSE."
Since this charge was made let me answer it. The gold medal Dr. Hatsumi gave me was for the video I did, "Self Defense for Everyone". Obviously he felt my movement and taijutsu was up to his standards. I gave him the tape to make certain I hadn't done anything Sensei didn't approve of. His response was to give me his gold medal. He is also quoted in "Understand, Good , Play" as stating that if you buy only one video, buy this one. That you can check on yourself. He also made me the first one awarded his "Oscar" in 2002, which others have said was "instructor of the year" award. All I know was he said it was his "Oscar". Now I do think that is adequate proof of his opinion on my skill level. Now what has this person done to justify and give credence to his constant criticism of my views? He is entitled to his but just continuously denegating mine without any demonstrated or recognized expertise is questionable.

"I want people to think for themselves. Period. I want them to train hard. I want them to consider for a moment that perhaps trying to grasp what someone who has been training for longer than they have been alive may NOT be the wisest choice in the world.{{{{and maybe accepting the ideas of someone who is still without much experience may be just as bad a disaster for you}}}} // I want people to start being CRITICAL of high ranking people (actually - critical of EVERYONE). I want people to look at some of the TOTAL CRAP that is put out there and say... dear God, the emperor has NO clothes. I don't care if you are a go kyu or a jugodan - if what you say makes sense - and you can prove it - then it stands.{{{ agreed, and I CAN!!!} AND IF YOU CAN'T - THEN EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW IT - REGARDLESS OF YOUR PRECIOUS RANK SYSTEM."

These are nice sentiments but how about letting the people choose for themselves what is best for them? I think the most obnoxious part of this is the attitude of "I know what is best" and "everyone must do it the way I say or it isn't any good" If anyone wants to buy into that then go ahead it's your choice. Work on yourself and don't try to tell everyone else how to do it.
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