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Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?

Subject: Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?
by petelohstroh on 2008/6/9 1:35:53

I have lots. I did a good chunk of my doctoral research in the area of pharmcology and toxicology in China (Anhui, Beijing, and Nanjing) and had the chance to work with several clinicians trained in traditional and western medicines. I got treatments from time to time and enough information to make and use traditional and patent medicines. I have gotten good results from otc/tcm (over the counter/trad. Chinese medicines) cold and flu remedies and stuff for muscle and bone injuries.

I'd find a doc trained at one of the top schools in Beijing, Shanghai, or Nanjing and get the treatment you want. Failing that, find an herb shop with a TCM trained doc the next time you have a flu.

Traditional patent meds are not miracle drugs nor should they be considered harmless and used without proper understanding. Furthermore, many can be contaminated with environmental toxicants based becuase of high levels of pollution in the regions they are produced in concert with poor quality control.
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