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Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?

Subject: Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?
by Tessen on 2008/6/9 23:14:28

I suggest that, for the sake of comparison, you research about 漢方kanpou, the Japanese version of TCM. This method of healing came from China to Japan centuries ago, incorporates Shiatsu and other healing methods, and prescribes in ways very different from TCM.

I received Kampo and accupuncture in 1999 when I suffered a skateboard accident that injured my knee. The treatment completely relieved the pain, but I was aware of pressure and sensitivity on the knee cap while it was healing. I only had three treatments over a month with kampo and accupuncture adminsitered by the same practitioner. The practioner who treated me was based in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.
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