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Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?

Subject: Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?
by MrFranco on 2008/6/10 2:44:55


Erizabesu wrote:
I suggest that, for the sake of comparison, you research about 漢方kanpou, the Japanese version of TCM. This method of healing came from China to Japan centuries ago, incorporates Shiatsu and other healing methods, and prescribes in ways very different from TCM.

On a very basic level Kampo is the use of medicinal drugs that are based on the theories of the "Shang Han Lun" (a classical text). TCM incorporates formulas and theories from a variety of different classical texts and have a greater amount of classical formulations to base the prescripstions from. If practiced correctly (ie. correct diagnosis), they are both very effective.

But there is not one "cure-all" for a specific disease. For example: If a person is diagnosed with "Athsma", there is not a specific formula for athsma because in Chinese medicine there is no names for diseases. They base the treatments on excess and deficiencies in the body and the organ systems and how the qi, blood, fluids, etc. are circulating in the body. So two different diagnosis can manifest in "Atshmatic" type of symptoms. Did this make sense?

So to recomend a specific formula for a specific "Western Diagnosis" is not the method of treatment of Chinese Medicine.
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