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Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?

Subject: Re: Chinese remedies- do they work?
by MrFranco on 2008/6/10 10:48:33


Papa-san wrote:
That is also my understanding Mr Franco. In very general terms western medicine treats symtoms while Chinese medicine treats the cause.

I think that the western/eastern approach is different in some ways. There is a saying in the Eastern Medical Community which is let the Alopathic Medicine treat the emergency then give the patient to us after they are stable.

What is very interesting is that in China the hospitals have a ward where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is practiced hand in hand with the alopathic docs. They even go so far as to give remedies with both eastern herbs and western meds mixed together in one pill and they seem to work very well-the future of medicine! BTW TCM is a specialty in China and it isn't regarded as alternative medicine like how we refer to it here in the U.S.

I am involved in a study at this time that will hopefully propel the U.S. in this direction. The good news is that this "newer" generation of M.D.'s have had exposure to TCM so they are very intrigued an open to the idea...most of them anyway

The good thing is that there has been alot of research from other countries that is spilling into the U.S. that shows the efficacy of TCM. So the U.S. is on it's way to "catching up" to other countries.
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