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Re: Congratulations USA...

Subject: Re: Congratulations USA...
by Joe on 2008/11/13 7:56:37

My thoughts:

Obama is President-elect, and like every President before him, I am not sure what he will actually DO in office. Whatever issues people have, I think that most of us are happy a NEW person will take office on January 20 and a new direction (hopefully positive) for the USA is ahead. I am proud that my family, friends and students exercised their right to vote.

It strikes me as relevant in this year of "Togakure Ryu," that perhaps we should all reread this essay:

Essence of Ninjutsu
By Toshitsugu Takamatsu
33rd Sôke, Togakure Ryu

The heart of the martial arts is self-protection. However, the essence of self-protection lies in ninjutsu because ninjutsu also protects one's spirit. Therefore, without the proper spirit in martial training, one can be led to ruin.

For example, medical technology is dedicated to saving life but the misuse of it can kill people. Eating and drinking are for nourishment. However, overeating harms the body. Politicians are responsible for the governing of countries and the protection of its citizens. When these politicians are greedy, ignorant, and afraid to commit their lives to their endeavors, they only bring about disorder and cause suffering. A religion, when it is sincere and steadfast, can inspire people to protect themselves, make their families thrive, and benefit the society. When it is corrupt, it destroys people and puts the nation in jeopardy.

Therefore, if you are a master of the martial arts and practice ninjutsu, you will gain the most essential secret of all methods. This secret is called shin-shin shin-gan, "the mind and eyes of god."

This is to know tendo, "the way of heaven." The truth of heaven excludes all evil spirits and is absolutely correct. People must have faith. This is the only justice which exists in heaven and in people.

Wood, fire, soil, metal, water and spring, summer, fall, winter cannot exist without the earth. The five elemental manifestations and the four seasons balance the earth in the same manner as heaven is balanced by truth.

If a person is honest, virtuous and faithful, he is walking on "the path of heaven". When he goes with the path of heaven, he is following the will of heaven. This is the mind and eyes of god. Therefore,a ninja has to be a sensible and righteous person. Ninjutsu methods of perseverance can also be understood as methods of perception. A ninja is always calm and never surprised by any situation.

This is the Togakure Ryu martial way.

With respect,
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