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Re: Three points of contact

Subject: Re: Three points of contact
by muzosa on 2009/1/30 11:21:44


侶武 wrote:

It depends on what you mean by stable , I think.

Exactly. My imprecise vocabulary is muddling things, I'm afraid.

Trying to throw a 20 pound weight with two hands is much easier than trying to use one hand to throw a 20 pound balloon waving around in the wind. But if you could hold that balloon in place (make it more stable), then you can exercise more control over it (toss it, compress it, etc.).

On the other hand, it takes less energy to redirect a ball in midair than it does to pick up a ball and throw it where you want it to go. Using kuzushi (via 3+ points of contact, perhaps) so that they're stable (under your control) so that an appropriate technique can follow (perhaps using multiple points of control, perhaps less).

Ganseki nage: multiple points of control to create kuzushi. While uke is in state of imbalance, fewer points of control are necessary in order to create the throw. But the trick is that the uke must be stable (under your control) in that transition, otherwise they'll escape or take ukemi.

As I write this I see I'm doing an awful job of expressing myself, but that's hardly a first...
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