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Re: Three points of contact

Subject: Re: Three points of contact
by mindwrench on 2009/1/29 1:22:27


侶武 wrote:

The main disagreement is with having more points of contact.

If you are defending against a highly aggressive person the more contact you make with the person the more aggressive they will become. There are several books on this subject, as well as articles you could look up.

And secondly, the more points of contact the more support you give to them they can borrow your stability.

This is true if you are "torquing" (applying lots of uncontrolled, non-specific tension) into your opponent.
If, however, you are doing what Hatsumi Sensei and the top Shihan are constantly demonstrating, using specific amounts of tension to create a false sense of security in the opponent's proprioceptive system (kyojitsu), then you will be able to have many points of contact and still "take the fight out" of him. (This is what Papasan is referring to I believe)

No matter how aggressive someone is they are still bound by the dictates of bio-mechanics and this includes the pre-conscious feedback mechanism of proprioception. Specific tension applied to multiple points can create proprioceptive dissonance, where the person's nervous system attempts to respond correctly to the contacts, but the data coming in is in conflict with each other, and so causes inappropriate responses ( in terms of balance, placement of body weight, etc).

That being said, you should gradually work up from many points of contact to one or no points of contact (this is also being shown by Hatsumi Sensei and the top shihan regularly).
Whatever the number of conatct points, kyojitsu is always available.

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