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Re: Three points of contact

Subject: Re: Three points of contact
by mindwrench on 2009/1/29 11:38:10

Good posts guys.

Rob, I understand where you are coming from, but even this year, with the theme of rope, Hatsumi Sensei has talked about having many points of contact so that you allow your opponent to become "tangled up" in your rope-like movement.

If you are saying that only 3 of the points he uses are necessary, well...maybe. At my level I will try to give as much false data as possible (kyojitsu), when I get to Sensei's level, I can do it with a maximum of three.

Anyhow, rather than try to limit ourselves to the "exact way that it is", keep in mind that whatever we think we know right now, will look foolish or at least incomplete to us in the future.

So Rob, work with your three point theory, flesh it out, and let me know how it goes (in the dojo).

Speaking of points of contact and kyojitsu, Paul Masse is amazing at this. If there is anybody in the Bujinkan who can mimic Sensei's taijutsu and come up with the kind of ideas that Sensei does, its Paul.

So the seminar there in the San Fran/ Sacramento area should be a great one Dale. Looking forward top training with you again!
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