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Re: Crash mats

Subject: Re: Crash mats
by tommy_8_ball on 2009/2/1 5:18:11


skuggvarg wrote:
My recommendation is to check if you can use a local gym or school. Perhaps you can talk yourself into getting to use it for a small fee when its free. We used to do that at a local school for awhile and it cost next to nothing $15/month and person or so.

Regards / Skuggvarg

Well, that was my original investigation. Unfortunately all nearby fields and beaches are used by local dogwalkers (yuck) and my local gym has an aerobics floor but it's nowhere near soft enough to protect me from the sort of impacts i'd land with during training.I don't think going around schools asking to use their gyms would be appropriate since people in charge of children are often weary of fully grown strange men looking to get access to the grounds.

This is why i'm resorting to finding my own mats.
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