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Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?

Subject: Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?
by Yamazu on 2009/4/27 0:29:38


jwills79 wrote:

I forgot. Every I time you post on a public forum it becomes public record and information for all to use. So unless someone is lying about something you said then you can't stop people from quoting you, using you as a source or an example. Don't want to be quoted then don't comment. It's that simple. Even those who close their accounts on forums can still find their comments there. Right, Ghost cat?

There will always be some kind of confusion when you are communicating in a second language. I expect it when using Japanese or any other language I attempt to use.

Oh, don't worry, I think I'm quite familiar with the use of netwritten word.

However, I am not agreeing with you about the way you use my message as "providing [back up]" for your point, when all I did was quote yet another internet source.

Maybe my message can be used as back up for the point that the message I quote is not self explatory to all readers, but not providing [back up] for your point as you use it on the message.

Do you see the difference, or is it again my non-native language skills that makes me see things in a wrong light?

So, to recap, you are naturally free to quote me, but when it's done in a way that's bending the words then I feel I must follow up on it.

Make sense?

With respect,
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